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Website Hosting Services

"Almost everyone will find something in our services."

Gavyn Davies

A web hosting service is simply a service to allocate a space for individuals and organizations to showcase their websites on servers via the World Wide Web. Servers are powerful computers that are connected to the Internet 24x7 with an array of extremely large hard drives. Renting a space on a server is like setting up a house on the Internet whereby you can be reached by a unique address (website url) based on the server's address.

Ignitor Technologies offers reliable web hosting at a low competitive cost. Some of the many benefits of our hosting plan include:

Easy to follow instructions.

Free setup you pay only for website hosting service.

Web-based email and POP3 email accounts.

Free support 24x7.

How to video tutorials.

We have best and affordable web hosting plans offering highest uptime with a caring support team. If you are looking for a professional, reliable and low cost web hosting, sign up with us today. We will be your one-stop destination for all your website hosting needs.