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Software Maintenance

"It's not going to do any good without keeping up maintenance."

Mark Bowman

Software maintenance is an integral part of software development. It essentially involves modification of a software solution post-delivery to fix defects and improve performance. A common perception is that software maintenance merely involves rectifying errors and defects. However, studies indicate that much of maintenance efforts are aimed at non-corrective actions such as functionality enhancements.

Meir M. Lehman, the pioneer in software maintenance and author of Lehman's Laws, calls maintenance an 'evolutionary development process understanding' that happens to software over time. All systems continue to evolve as time passes and grow into more complex systems.

The maintenance efforts are aimed at reducing the complexity of the systems in order to make them functional, user friendly and efficient. software maintenance while critical to run enterprise systems may prove to be a constant headache for the organization and need a careful planning and a well-experienced partner to take care of day-to-day maintenance needs. We at Ignitor Technologies provide technology-driven, world class enterprise software maintenance services that can address all your software maintenance requirements.