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Database Management Services

"No business in the world has ever made more money with poorer management."

Bill Terry

Database maintenance is aimed at keeping a databases running smoothly which keep information in an organized, accessible form. Databases are not usually static. Changes are made to databases with new data constantly being added, deleted and moved around; parameters within the database may also change; different indexing systems may be adopted and so on so forth. Over time, all this may cause the databases to begin to malfunction. Database maintenance keeps database well-organized and clean so that it does not lose on functionality front. An important function of database maintenance is to backup the database so that in case of a mishap, another recent copy is available. Some database systems backup automatically, sending a backup to another location periodically at a set period of time. Nonetheless, backing up is not quite enough. Database maintenance involves more important functions such as checking the signs of corruption in the database, rebuilding indexes, checking for abnormalities so that it keeps operating smoothly for users. On a server side, database maintenance aims to confirm they are working properly. Security flaws ranging from viruses to improperly entered records which may threaten the integrity of the database, need also a thorough examination.

All these activities keeps a database healthy and functional. Ignitor Technologies offers its services to ensure the health of your database management systems with our wide range of maintenance services from database backup to reprocessing of database statistics to log backup and so on.