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Support Model

At Ignitor Technologies, we have a three-tiered support model in place in order to better serve our clients. The reason for offering a multi-tiered support system instead of one general support group is to provide the best possible service in the most efficient manner.

Tier 1 Support

This being the first-line support level is responsible for basic client issues. Tier 1 support is aimed at gathering information, analyzing the symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem. Once the underlying problem is identified, the possible solutions available are offered from the repository. If found necessary or not solved at this tier, the problem is escalated to a higher level.

Tier 2 Support

Experts in this tier are responsible for solving basic technical problems and for investigating more complex and elevated issues by confirming their validity and seeking for known solutions. If a problem is new and this group cannot find a solution, the same is escalated to the Tier III technical support group.

Tier 3 Support

This support group, if it is at all possible, will work to solve the problem with the client. However, on encountering new issues; this group first determines whether or not the problem can be solved at this level. In some cases, a problem may be intense to the point where the software solution cannot be salvaged and must be replaced. Such extreme issues are then referred to the original developers for in-depth analysis.

If a solution to the problem is found, the group evaluates course of action in a test case environment, and implements the best solution to the problem. Once the solution is verified, it is delivered to the client and made available in the repository for future troubleshooting and analysis.