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Quality Model

We rely on processes and procedures to consistently deliver high quality solutions while executing engagements from multiple locations. Our vision, values, policies make the first tier of our three-level process architecture.

Quality System Documentation

Quality System Documentation lists Ignitor Technologies's best practices in the form of processes. It provides a base for wide repository of detailed processes, templates, guidelines, standards, checklists etc. It is updated periodically.

Body of Knowledge

The Ignitor Technologies Body of Knowledge (BOK) is a platform to share knowledge acquired from experience. It is a central experiential knowledge repository that can be used by peers at Ignitor Technologies.

Process Assets

The process assets is knowledge gathered from an engagement that can be reused during the future engagements. The repository of process assets offers the dissemination of "experiential engagement learning" across the Company.

Process Database

It's a database to study the processes at Ignitor Technologies with respect to productivity and quality.

Process Capability Baseline

Process Capability Baseline represents the performance of the process, i.e., what level of productivity and quality can be expected when following the process.

Tools Repository

It is a centralized repository with a list of tools that have been assessed.