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Global Delivery Model

At Ignitor Technologies, we follow standard Global Delivery, Quality and Support Model. Global Delivery Model.Ignitor Technologies's global delivery model (GDM) engages clients to choose the sourcing strategy that best suits to their enterprise requirements. Ignitor Technologies takes follow-the-sun approach, that means, regardless of where the clients are located, we help them keep their businesses running round-the-clock, while offering a seamless experience with all the services and operations. GDM helps our wide range of technical and domain-specific abilities to deliver customized, highest quality solutions quickly while complying with local regulative requisites and cultural predilections.

Our GDM comprises three integrated elements:

An experienced team of professionals.

Integrated quality processes assessed by rigorous.

appraisal mechanism in place.

A multi-level technology infrastructure with an interlinked global network offering 24x7 coverage, efficient risk management and collaboration tools.