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Vision & Values

With years of experience and expertise in the field, at Ignitor Technologies we understand the value of a customised service. Delineate your needs and we'll develop an application that will meet your requirements. Our team of experts will also help you find a cost-effective and perfect solution tailored to your needs.

With a global delivery approach, we can provide solutions to clients across the world. Our demonstrated and unsurpassed quality service and customer satisfaction make us standout from other service providers.

Ignitor Technologies is focused on to offering coherent and consistent quality, reduced cycle time as also ensuring smooth transitions from the outmoded technologies to new ones in the ever-changing business scenarios. We proactively align our quality services and technology with your business strategies by transforming your IT processes, structures and technologies for optimum performance, efficiency and reliability.Our focus is on to maximize results with minimum efforts.

The advantages of partnering with Ignitor Technologies include:

Agile software development methodology

Project management process driven

Assured quality assurance procedures

Competitive pricing models

Fast turnaround time

Custom-built solutions

Experienced staff

Flexible solutions

Little or no upfront investment

Regular reviews

Effective client-reporting system

Post-delivery service

It goes without saying that Ignitor Technologies is the sole offshore solution provider that spans all important applications across major enterprise platforms offering extraordinary services coupled with cost-effective solutions delivered on time.